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What Volunteering for The FIDGIT Study Means

Note that this is an exploratory study, there is no intervention or treatments.

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Recruitment is Complete

We have recruited over 100 women, aged 18-75.

Women with fibromyalgia were encouraged to invite an adult female who is a friend, family member, or co-habitant to volunteer as a "healthy control". 

We could not include volunteers who were smokers, pregnant, or with diabetes or any chronic medical condition that may affect the information from your test samples.


Are You Able to Travel to the Study Site?

The research centre for The FIDGIT Study is the Auckland Gut Clinic. Participants visited the research centre when joining the study.  Thereafter, collection of samples was completed at home, or a combination of at home & at the study site. 

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We Will Need Some Test Samples

We collected samples of stool (faeces) and urine. At the study site we collected samples of blood, saliva, and breath. 
We needed 3 breath tests - each took about 3 hours to complete. One of these was done at the first visit after a preparatory diet and overnight water-only fast. At the first appointment we explained the rest of the test procedures.

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Complete Comprehensive Questionnaires

The FIDGIT Study included a suite of questionnaires, completed online. These were necessary to get detailed information about health and symptoms. 

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Are you Eligible to Participate?

After reading the Participant Information Sheet (see link above), willing volunteers completed an Eligibility Questionnaire.
This enabled us to screen for suitability for the study before booking the first study appointment.

The Eligibility Questionnaire is now CLOSED
Test Tubes

Get in Touch

Want to learn more about the study? Or perhaps you can help in some way? Please contact the study team.

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